The Key Studio Sessions: Ports Of Call

Charles is an old friend of mine and here’s his band receiving some much deserved love.  Click on the link for the ability to listen/download the entire session and check them out.  For fans of good music, nostalgia, shoegaze, etc.

Born out of a shared love of ’90s dreampop and shoegaze touchstones (you know the ones: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine), Philly-based quintet Ports Of Call moved stridently out of the haze on their latest EP, Fractals. Released earlier this year on brilliant orange vinyl, it finds the band embracing jangling, effervescent pop hooks—a progression that continues with the new songs premiered in their Key Studio Session. Heck, they even played a number called “Pop Song” (though I’m partial to their performance of “Ballinora” from Fractals). Look for more from them next month, when they’ll be Bands In The Backyard‘s featured artist and headline a gig at Milkboy Philly.

6 notes   -  14 December 2011
6 notes
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